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Step 1
You’re committed to change, but a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for you. TAP was created exclusively for healthcare professionals, featuring personalized goal setting and individual coaching sessions.
Step 2
Jump in and join TAP by downloading the TAP App! All TAP members receive daily wellness messages and one-on-one coaching to co-create your personal 12-week goals. Follow our guided approach to goal setting and receive a personalized program designed just for you.
Step 3
All signed up and ready to go? Group Coaching members will have live virtual group discussions with Dr. Parnell and other TAP Wellness members. One-2-One Coaching members will have live weekly one-on-one calls with Dr. Parnell.
Step 4
Let’s check in! One-on-one coaching with TAP founder Dr. Terri Ann Parnell and Group Coaching live virtual group discussions with other TAP members help keep you on track.
Step 5
On your way! Progress, not perfection, is the goal here. You’ll keep receiving tips, coaching, and TAP community support throughout your 12-week journey.
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